Managing Ourselves


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Areas of Practice

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Leadership Coaching

I am dedicated to creating a deep connection with my clients. You can trust that I’m invested in your best interests when I challenge your thinking or encourage you to explore places that feel uncomfortable as we investigate new and rich insights to inform your learning. This connection between us, and your fierce desire to learn and grow are the critical ingredients for a powerful coaching relationship. You will be able to tackle bigger challenges with more confidence and skill to create transformational and sustainable results for you and your organisation.                                



Mindful Meditation Training

The quality of your attention and self-awareness directly affects the quality of your performance and relationships at work.  I am passionate about the transformative power of training Mindful Meditation – these practices and tools help you notice when you’re on ‘autopilot’ and increase your level of focus and attention. You can be more effective in managing negative thought and behaviour patterns, and develop more helpful responses to stress and feelings of anxiety as well as enhance your emotional intelligence, decision-making and inter-personal skills, communication, collaboration and team-work.

Team Development and Facilitation

Being a strong facilitator is both a skill and an art. In many group situations, and particularly in complex discussions or where people have different views and interests, effective facilitation can make the difference in successfully achieving your goals. The skills I bring means that everyone in the group will feel empowered about their own ideas and participation, and stay invested in the discussion. My art is in creating the critical elements of trust and connection from which an ingenuity of thought and inspiration emerges. These are the catalysts for innovation and change.




I bring these areas of expertise together and regularly share my knowledge and insights as a university lecturer and public speaker. I have lectured MBA students and leadership teams on “Leading Mindfully” and delivered Mindful Meditation taster sessions at well-being conferences and events. I speak with passion and authority drawing on academic theories of leadership, as well as neuroscience and coaching disciplines to engage the audience in new ways to perceive their thought processes and how they can use this insight to better manage themselves.