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Team Development and Facilitation


Team Development and Facilitation

Being a good facilitator is both a skill and an art 


In many types of group situation, and particularly in complex discussions or those where people have different views and interests, effective facilitation can make the difference in being able to successfully achieve desired outcomes.

The definition of facilitate is “to make easy” or “ease a process”. As an experienced facilitator, I can work with you to plan, and then guide and manage your group discussion process to ensure your objectives are met.

Being a good facilitator is both a skill and an art. The skills I bring means that everyone in the group will feel empowered about their own ideas and participation, and stay invested in the discussion. By the end of the meeting process I generally find everyone is prepared to take ownership and responsibility for the results and follow-up actions agreed.

My personal strength and approach is to apply a level of care and insight that creates a valuable depth and truthfulness to the connection between participants. This means they are more open and willing to tackle hard conversations or areas of major disagreement. I have also found that from this level of openness and connection a profundity of thought and inspiration emerges – these are the critical elements for transformational discussion and the catalyst for innovation and change.

 A group discussion may be beneficial for a variety of purposes:

  • To review how the team can operate more effectively as a high performing team

  • Annual work planning and direction setting

  • To create a new approach or innovate ideas for a new initiative, project or event

  • Discuss and analyse a particular opportunity or problem

  • To air and resolve concerns or differences between a team

  • Brainstorm ideas in response to changes in processes or regulations


When I work with you to create an effective group discussion you can expect the clear thinking applied to planning and managing the process will result in quality participation and engagement from everyone involved.

 A facilitated discussion will ensure:  

  • The group is clear and aligned on the discussion objectives and the “ground rules”

  • A level of energy in the room that fosters curiosity and has everyone engaged

  • A rhythm of dialogue managed responsively to the needs of the group and the discussion

  • The momentum is managed to keep the dialogue flowing and focused on the objective

  • Everyone has the opportunity to share their own ideas and points of view freely without interruption

  • Participants are able to safely test out ideas that are not yet fully formed

  • Lines of disagreement are pursued in a creative and purposeful way

  • The discussion will not be dominated by any one person

  • Group ownership of whatever conclusions, plans, or action the group decides upon

  • Discussion outcomes and objectives are achieved


Please contact me for further information - I am very happy to have a conversation and explore your ideas.