Managing Ourselves


From New York to California



My recommendation for Deborah cannot be higher. Deborah has been a remarkable source of support and information. I’ve learned so much about myself, and the triggers that affect me in different situations. Deborah has an extremely friendly but professional attitude, her personality is radiant, and her ability to listen to instills confidence and willingness in me to investigate and try a number of techniques and tools to use in a range of business settings and circumstances. The clarity I’ve found in reflection and forward thinking have been hugely helpful.
— Director Francis Crick Institute

Deborah was an executive coach for me for several months. She was a fantastic sounding board for a range of complex issues and was adept at helping me look at situations from new perspectives. As a result of Deborah’s coaching I also have a range of new tools and techniques to reflect objectively on my performance and identify areas to improve on. Highly recommend!
— Director Provoke Technology Solutions

I would highly recommend Deborah. From our very first session, she has provided me with extremely useful and relevant tools and strategies to apply at work. This has had a hugely positive impact on my working and personal life and results have been tangible. Deborah is calm and very knowledgeable and her client led approach has enabled me to explore and develop independently and build my confidence through her expertise.
— Head of Department, Langdon Academy

Deborah is an outstanding executive coach that I would recommend as my first choice for any senior executive who wants to lift their game. For a number of years Deborah has helped me to develop strategies that have brought about noticeable personal growth. I have also benefited from her useful insight into the motivations and actions of people I interact with, allowing me to build stronger relationships and consistently achieve positive outcomes. Overall, working with Deborah has improved my self-awareness and focus allowing me to properly work “on” the business rather than get buried “in” the business.
— CEO Techobscura

I have greatly benefited from Deborah’s coaching. The coaching has given me the opportunity to reflect on my ideas and my role in school and to also re-shape my thinking so that I have far more impact. At a senior level, it does become difficult to make the time to talk to others about your role; thus, the coaching with Deborah has allowed me to give more clarity to my ideas which will greatly benefit the school.
— Deputy Head Featherstone High School

Your session last year had a particular benefit to me, which I may not have had a chance to mention. Very stressful events related to a project from back in the US had begun to intrude upon my time in Australia last year, worrying me quite a lot. Though I had gotten expert advice and had a method for handling it, I could not shake the worry. Your session changed my mental state by the next morning, and continued mindfulness work kept the issue from intruding further. I did the tasks and steps I needed to, but the issue did not continue to provoke stress and worry. I thank you.
— MBA Student Melbourne University